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BluList provides tracking services for medical devices and documents.

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Our database contains over 1.4 million FDA registered medical devices, with more and more devices added daily.

3 simple steps to FDA compliant record-keeping:

See everybody's activity and manage devices.

Scan your devices.

Use our mobile apps to add storage locations, or shipping destination, direct from your phone.

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Get automated record keeping that keeps you compliant.

Available for both Google Drive and Dropbox.

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Scan any Unique Device Identifier (UDI) and get its FDA listing in real time.

Automatically record the location, status and ownership of the device as you scan.

Access technical documents, how to videos and product descriptions.


BluList makes it easy for you to keep track of your FDA registered devices through three simple steps.

Recent device scans on BluList

The following manufacturers have had their devices checked with BluList.

Direct data from the FDA

To get onto BluList, a device must be listed with the FDA.

The FDA maintains a database that is updated by manufacturers for all medical devices fulfilling under the current registration requirements (currently class I and class II).

Manufacturers are legally responsible for keeping this data up to date with the FDA.

The FDA calls this database the GUDID or 'Good I.D." Database and created several API's to allow access to the data.

BluList utilizes several of these API's or Application Programming Interfaces to check if a device's barcode is correctly formatted and then to get the latest data from the FDA on that device and deliver it to your mobile device.

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